Will Binaural Beats Help Improve Memory and Concentration?

Will Binaural Beats Aide Memory and Concentration?

Binaural Beats Effect on Brain WavesWhat is referred to as “pure” sine or sound waves can be unpleasant to many people. Because of this, some kind of background noise is often mixed with the beats.

That pretty much explains the process, but still leaves the questions of how and why it might work. How specifically can hearing a sound change brain wave patterns? According to scientists, the brain waves “follow” the sound waves.

What they are saying is that when a person hears the binaural beats of a certain frequency, brain waves start changing to mimic the waves of the tones. The brain waves can be measured using a variety of instruments. So, there is some degree of certainty that this actually occurs.

When the binaural beats stop, the brain waves begin to change again, reverting back to whatever state they were in prior to listening to the sounds. In other words, this is not a cure for lack of concentration or loss of memory. It is simply one of the many aids that may be useful to improve focus, memory and concentration.