What Enhances Memory?

The peg method is most useful for memorizing lists; for example, the ingredients in a recipe that you hear on the radio while you’re driving. You’re driving. So, you cannot possibly take the time to write down the ingredients. But, you might be able to remember them by putting them on pegs.

This method falls under the category of what enhances memory because it involves visualization and association. There are several variations of the peg method. One that is very easy to use is the number-rhyme peg method.

With this method, the numbers 1-5 correspond with the simple words bun, shoe, tree, door and hive. Your pegs are 1-5. The images of bun, shoe, tree, door and hive are already on those pegs.

You hear a recipe for crockpot chili con queso that calls for cheese, salsa, green chilis, black pepper and cayenne pepper. You picture cheese on a bun, all melting and gooey from the sun.

Remember that a part of what enhances memory is making it funny. So, you picture someone putting on a shoe that is full of salsa because of a practical joke you pulled.

You know that green chilies don’t grown on a tree, but you picture a tree with green chilies hanging off of all of the branches. It is an easy image to remember, because it is ridiculous.

You go on with the other two items in the recipe, connecting them in some way to the last two items of your number-rhyme pegs. After you practice this for a while, it becomes fast and easy.

What enhances memory storage? The strategies above are just a few techniques that have helped millions of people.

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