What Enhances Memory?

The Association or Connection Enhances Memory

What enhances memory? Most people know that memorization through repetition is only somewhat effective. It may work with simple concepts or definitions, but not with more complex concepts or ideas.

The Association or Connenction Enhances Memory

Making connections and associations, usually through visualization, works for practically any subject, any concept, and any idea. Here are four basic techniques that you should find useful for improving your ability to remember anything.

Simple Substitutions for Difficult Words Enhances Memory

Difficult words are found in many fields. They are usually words with which we are unfamiliar. Often, they are Latin-based. For example, medical terminology is Latin-based and the terms are difficult to remember in many ways.

The technique here is to sound out the word and substitute some simple word for it. The words you use should be something easy for you personally to remember. Let’s use metacarpus as an example.

Metacarpus is a Latin-based word that initially makes no connection to anything stored in my brain, but I can break the large unfamiliar word down into small words that mean something to me. Then, I can get a visual image in my brain.

For this one I use, “Met a Carp, Us”. This works for me because I like fishing. What enhances memory for me might be different from what works for you, based on the things that you enjoy and the things that are easy for you to visualize.

The Picture or Image Enhances Memory

The image that comes to mind when I say, “Met a Carp Us” is a cartoon image of a giant carp jumping out of a lake while my friend and I are fishing. The carp is a giant one, bigger than my friend and I combined; and the fish is trying to eat us. This ridiculous and exaggerated image will be easier to remember than one that is commonplace.

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