Using AIDMA to Improve Your Memory and Concentration

Focused Attention

AIDMA is an Acronym For …?

AIDMA is an acronym or mnemonic that stands for Attention, Interest, Desire, Memory and Action. The AIDMA acronym is most commonly used to describe a marketing law with many applications. (for information on the marketing aspect of AIDMA)

Acronyms are essentially simple tricks we use to help us remember more complex things. Here, we look at how the concept of AIDMA can be used to improve your memory and concentration.

Most people who have trouble with a school subject will describe it as “boring”. Because they have no “interest”, the “I” in AIDMA”, in the subject, they have difficulty paying “attention” in class. They have trouble paying attention, because they have no “desire” to learn about the subject. As a result, they remember little about what the teacher had to say.

AIDMA to Improve Memory and Concentration
Precision Requires Attention

“Everything is interesting from a certain point of view,” states author Christian Larson, a memory and concentration expert. If you have trouble concentrating on a subject, the first thing to do is to come up with a way to make it interesting so that the subject can hold your attention.

“Boring” is in the eye of the beholder. What some people find boring, others find very interesting. It is difficult to offer generic advice about how to make something more interesting when you personally find it boring. This is just a suggestion. Stop saying or thinking you are bored.

The first letter of AIDMA is “attention”. This is not something you have to work on, because the subject caught your attention for some reason. Either it is something that you are required to learn, because of a long-term goal; graduating from college for example. Or it is something you want to learn. If you want to learn, then you already have the “D” for desire, as well.

By saying or thinking that you are bored, you are working against your own goals. You must try to think of it as interesting, even if you have to pretend. When you pretend to be interested in a subject, sometimes you accidentally develop an actual interest in it. You can trick yourself by pretending.

The last letters of AIDMA stand for memory and action. In order to commit something to memory, you need to take some kind of action. That is to say, you want to “do” something with the information.

Somehow, you need to apply it and connect it to something you already have stored in your memories. Memory experts refer to this step as establishing a link. The more links, the better.

Simple actions can help you create a link. We learn to count easier by holding up our fingers, something we already know how to do. The memory of the counting words will be linked to the action of raising each finger.

You put AIDMA into practice by learning not to be bored. As you learn to be interested, you will eventually be able to concentrate. You can improve your memory of anything by linking it to an “action” memory that already exists in your brain. Remembering those basic concepts can help you remember the more complicated ones. Remember AIDMA to improve memory and concentration.

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