To Improve Memory, A Picture is Worth a Thousand Words … Sometimes More

Memory in Pictures - Pictures in Memory

Memory in Pictures – Pictures in Memory

How do you make a memory? Make a picture!

A Picture is Worth A Thousand Words - The Miracle of Life
My Daughter’s Puppy

The saying “a picture is worth a thousand words” is true, especially when it comes to making memories. The saying describes the main goal of visualization, which is used in science, education, information technology, communication, business, self improvement, ect…

The term visualization can be used to describe any technique that involves the use of images to convey a message. It is used universally in advertising. In fact, the saying has its roots in the advertising industry.

A Picture is Worth A Thousand Words – A History of the Phrase

Most people think the saying is a Chinese proverb, something Confucius said. According to a book written about familiar phrases and published in 1968, the origin of the phrase is actually an advertising specialist named Fred Barnard.

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