To Improve Memory, A Picture is Worth a Thousand Words … Sometimes More

Memory in Pictures - Pictures in Memory

Memory in Pictures – Pictures in Memory How do you make a memory? Make a picture! The saying “a picture is worth a thousand words” is true, especially when it comes to making memories. The saying describes the main goal of visualization, which is used in science, education, information technology, communication, business, self improvement, ect… […]

Using Mnemonics as a Memory Tool

Using mnemonics as a memory tool is an ancient tradition. A mnemonic is by definition a memory aid. There are many different types, all derived from principles and techniques used to organize impressions in order to improve recall. Making associations or connections is how we remember things. All learning requires associations and connections – even […]

Mnemonics as a Memory Device

Mnemonics Have Been Used For Thousands of Years The use of mnemonics as a memory device began with the ancient Greeks, Romans, Pythagoreans or, maybe the Egyptians.  Authors do not always agree about exactly which culture began to use simple words, phrases, letters, poems or visual aids to remember more difficult things. Some of the […]