The Care and Feeding of Your Declarative Memory

Declarative memory is a form of long-term memory that deals with the storage of information like facts and events. It refers to the memories that you can recall consciously any time you want. It is also known as explicit memory, as it concerns with information that is stored and retrieved explicitly. Proper care and feeding […]

Photographic Memory – What Is It, How Is It Developed, and What Is the Use of It?

Photographic Memory

Photographic Memory – An Overview People with Photographic Memory The ability to recollect visual images with near-perfect accuracy is very rarely seen in people. Only about two to ten percent of people in the world have a truly photographic memory. These people are referred to as eidetikers. They have the ability to observe an image […]

Using AIDMA to Improve Your Memory and Concentration

Focused Attention

AIDMA is an Acronym For …? AIDMA is an acronym or mnemonic that stands for Attention, Interest, Desire, Memory and Action. The AIDMA acronym is most commonly used to describe a marketing law with many applications. (for information on the marketing aspect of AIDMA) Acronyms are essentially simple tricks we use to help us remember […]