Will Binaural Beats Help Improve Memory and Concentration?

Will Binaural Beats Aide Memory and Concentration?

Binaural Beats For Memory and Concentration? Will binaural beats help improve my memory and concentration? If so, how do they work? Here’s a brief discussion of the subject. You will find the answers to those questions and others below. Binaural Beats Defined The term binaural beat or tone refers to how the brain can take […]

Theanine, a Natural Supplement, for Memory Improvement and Other Benefits

Theanine For Memory Improvement

Theanine for Memory and Many Other Physical Benefits Many studies have been conducted concerning the amino acid l theanine for memory improvement. It actually has a long history of use; theanine is found in green tea. The health benefits of green tea which contains theanine are said to be numerous. Regular consumption of green tea […]

Theanine for Memory

Theanine Is Natural Theanine is an all-natural chemical that is found in green tea. It promotes a feeling of relaxation without drowsiness, gives a sense of well being, and helps to reduce stress. How Does Theanine Work? Our brains have four wave patterns: Delta brain waves occur when we are sleeping. Theta brain waves occur […]