Seven Techniques to Improve Concentration

Exercise to Increase Concentration

Mind mapping is one of the techniques to improve concentration while you are in a lecture or a meeting at work. It is a form of note-taking

Mind Mapping to Improve Concentration

which has long been recommended by some progressive educators to help students concentrate on what the instructor is saying.

Mind maps are a newer note-taking technique. They involve the use of keywords, symbols, and a radial diagram to take notes and to also help you commit new information to memory. If you are not actively taking notes or creating mind maps, it will be easy to lose track of what the speaker is saying.

Ask Questions

Not only is mind mapping one of the techniques to improve concentration, but you can also use the maps to remind you of questions you have about a term or concept, so that you won’t have to interrupt the speaker.

In an office meeting, asking questions at the right time shows the speaker that you were involved in what was going on. Teachers enjoy getting questions in the classroom. If you have a question, you can bet that someone else in the room has the same question but is either afraid to ask or forgot what to ask, by the time it was okay to ask questions.

Take Advantage of Technology to Improve Concentration

Software programs offer many techniques to improve concentration, study habits and understanding of a topic. These programs can provide immediate feedback. Games are often used to make the lesson more enjoyable.

Free mind mapping software is also available. The software can help you create maps in the event you have trouble making them on your own.

Use Study Groups

Software programs can give you immediate feedback when you are on your own. Another person can do the same thing. It is one of the techniques to improve concentration that is especially effective for outgoing individuals.

Another person may help you stay focused on the subject at hand. If your mind tends to wander when you are studying alone, joining a study group or finding a study buddy is a good idea.

The other person may also be able to help you understand a concept or you may be able to teach the other person. Teaching a subject is one of the ways to be sure you remember it. So, tutoring goes along with this idea.

Use Brainstorming

Brainstorming is one of the techniques to improve concentration that sort of goes along with the study group. Two or more people can use brainstorming to come up with ideas when there is a problem to be solved or a new design to be created.

Brainstorming techniques vary. One technique is to have someone explain the problem or task. Going around the room, everyone asks questions, until no one has any. Then everyone writes for about 15 minutes. At the end of 15 minutes, everyone shares his/her solution in an orderly fashion.

There are many other techniques to improve concentration, including something simple as removing distractions to something more complex like meditation. We will continue to return to this subject. Be certain of this: you can improve concentration once you determine that is what you want to do. Anyone can.

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