Seven Techniques to Improve Concentration

Exercise to Increase Concentration

Improve Concentration with One or All of the Following Habits

There are many tools and techniques to improve concentration. Some have been in use for decades. Computer technology has brought us many new tools. If it is hard for you to concentrate, here are seven things you can try.

During the day, many different things require our concentration. Depending on the activity, certain techniques may work better than others. Some of the listed techniques will have an impact on most areas of your life.

Exercise to Improve Concentration

To Improve Concentration Be Physically Active

What does being physically active do with your ability to concentrate? Your body was designed to move. Yet, for most, much of what you do during the day is done while sitting. It is much easier to sit still for a required period of time if you are physically active at other times.

Most every effective function in life operates under the principle of stress, relax, stress, relax … think of breathing, or your heart, or sleeping and waking, ect … So, get out and move your body; put it under a little stress.

Go for a brisk walk each morning. Take regular breaks throughout the day to go for a walk or stretch. Stretch in between breaks if it is possible. Use a portion of your lunchtime break to get in some exercise.

Instead of making you tired and sleepy, physical activity will actually make you more alert. Increasing your level of physical activity is one of the techniques to improve concentration and will also improve your overall health.

Physical activity improves your cardiovascular health, which means that it improves your circulation and more blood gets to your brain. Blood brings necessary nutrients that allow neurons in the brain to function efficiently.

For example, electrolyte minerals are necessary for neurons to fire. It’s a quick and slight electrical charge. It is this electrical activity that shows up on the brain images captured by MRIs. The images are quite amazing.

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