Memory Exercises Easy as the ABCs

If you do not know anything about NLP, this ABC list gives you a glimpse of what it is about – a structure from which you can build a deeper level of understanding.

Note: It is ok to cheat! This is your list. The ABC memory exercise list needs to be meaningful to you.As you can see, there are many terms in the ABC rhyme above that could be new and difficult to remember when someone was learning about the subject of NLP. Synapses, anxiety locks and marquee switching are examples. Like other effective memory exercises, the list links together simple letters and words that are already known with the newer words.There are also concepts in this list that can be difficult to remember. What does the right brain do? What does the left brain do? Which part of the brain experiences fear? How are emotions carried? On a test, an NLP student would likely see questions like that. Questions and answers are great learning tools, but the memory exercises allow students to remember the answers more easily. The students are more successful and feel more confident as a result.
The more confident they feel, the more successful they become. It is a positive circle that continues to strengthen and grow.Someone created the list above and while doing so created new connections that are responsible for building memories in the brain. Each time the brain stores a new memory, a new synapse must be formed. Obviously, there is some work involved in the process.Memory exercises make the process easier, because you are connecting these new memories with ones you already have. The process of learning and remembering is much harder when you have to start with nothing. It’s like building on a foundation that already exists, as opposed to building a brand new foundation.An ABC list like the one above could be used to remember anything from the bones of the body to states and their capitals. How many states begin with the letter A? Which letter begins the highest number of states?4 A’s; Alabama, Alaska, Arizona and Arkansas
No B’s.
3 C’s; California, Colorado and Connecticut
1 lonely D; Delaware
No E.
One F, one G, one H; Florida, Georgia and HawaiiI won’t go through the rest, but the answer to the second question is “M”, the first letter of 8 states; Maine, Maryland, Massachusetts, Michigan, Minnesota, Mississippi, Missouri and Montana.When you create memory exercises like the ABC list, read them. Say the words out loud. Put them to music, as I suggested above. There is almost no end to the different ways you can make a connection.Doctors who treat patients with partial amnesia due to accident or illness suggest “thinking sideways”. If you can’t remember something, you try to think of something with which you have associated it. It could be the first letter of the word or another word that rhymes with it. It could be the song that was playing while you were doing your memory exercises. Use your imagination. What works well for me might not work well for you and vice versa. We all have different learning styles. For some people, creating a diagram rather than a list helps them more, because they are more visual in their learning. You can always do both; make an alphabetical diagram.Whether you are trying to learn something new or just avoid the loss of memories that sometimes accompanies old age, memory exercises of all kinds are worthwhile. They can also be just plain fun.

Personal ABC Memory Exercises

As an addendum to this article, I would like to give you two very different examples of how I use this technique:

First, I use this to overview to a book – especially if it is an especially difficult topic. I create an ABC list from the index. One reference for each letter. If a reference does not appeal to me or is not available to the specific letter, I leave it blank. By the time I get through the list, I know whether I want to read the book. In addition, I already have a series of questions that I want answered from the book. In other words, I am already hungry to learn more.

Second, I use it as a tool to help me sleep as I struggle with insomnia. I create a list of all the things that I have to be thankful for, and I list as many items as I can for each letter. There is much more to this story, but let me just say, there is tremendous power in gratitude.

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