Memory Exercises Easy as the ABCs

Below is part of an email that I received from Learning Strategies on Neuro Linguistic Programming:

Memory Exercises Example: The ABCs of NLP

A is for Awareness, the key to your wellness.
B is for your Magic Brain, treasures opened, no pain.
C is for See, Hear, Feel. Your senses trigger brain cells.
D is for Danger, Left Brain felt. Right Brain shift, fear will melt.
E is for Energy Blocks, such as Anxiety Locks.
F is for Frozen Fear. Marquee Switching will clear.
G is for Glory Be. For Change Work, it’s NLP.
H is for Mental Health, once available, tops wealth.
I am the one who chooses to be a winner or a loser.
J is for Joining synapses sublime; these carry emotions, so you’ll be just fine.
K stands for Kiss goodbye to those feelings that make us cry.
L is for Love, synaptically wove, inside your own Right Brain.
M is for Masterfully here, right above your right ear.
N of course is for Now, the time that evokes the Wow.
O is for “Often” the Right Brain tap to send.
P is for Peak Performance; an ego-affirming stance.
Q is for your life’s Quest, whose pull you cannot resist.
R is for the stout Resistance from friends; you’ll find even more from kins.
S is for Success: to Change, you say “Yes!”
T is for the Time it takes for skills to integrate.
U is for Universality. These work. Do you agree?
V is for Victory. Obsessions are the pits.
W is for Whatever happens. You know enough to mend.
X out the anxiety habits, yet at the same time, keep all your wits.
Y You with NLP can face the world with glee.
Z is for you to rhyme as you NLP through time.

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