How to Use Both Sides of the Brain

Both Sides of The Brain – Which Side Do You Favor?

In order to learn how to use both sides of the brain, you first need to determine if you are right-brained or left-brained.  This article should help you determine which hemisphere you favor.

Using Both Sides of The Brain

Engage Both Sides of The Brain

Right-brained individuals tend to prefer creative activities, but they may have problems with planning or subjects that require them to think logically.  They are usually more artistic and spontaneous than left-brainers.

Left-brained individuals are usually very logical.  They are good with words and understand the concepts of grammar.  They tend to think in a step-by-step fashion. So, they do well with subjects where formulas are used.  But, they may have trouble seeing the big picture as they are focused on each step.  They tend to be less spontaneous and have trouble visualizing concepts.

It is possible to teach yourself to use both sides of the brain in order to excel in activities that are not your forte.  If you think that you have a tendency to be right-brained, here are a few suggestions for engaging the other half or your bio-computer.

Right Brain People Should Engage in Logical Activites

Right-brained people tend to avoid math.  But, working with numbers is part of how to use both sides of the brain.  If you are out of school, try doing Sudoku or other number puzzles.  If you are still in school, sign up for more math classes.

Other games are helpful for right-brainers.  Chess requires logic and reasoning.  Logic problems are another alternative.  You will find them in printed crossword collections and on the internet.  You are required to think logically in order to determine the answer to the puzzle.

Creating or sticking to a schedule might be a problem for you.  This is an area that requires practice if you are going to engage the left hemisphere.

Left Brained People Should Engage in Creative Activities

If you feel that you are more left-brained, try to be more spontaneous.  This will help you engage both sides of the brain.

Your routine may make you feel comfortable, but it is also stifling your creativity.  If your job requires you to use only logic, numbers or formulas, take a break every couple of hours.  Spend the weekend sitting at the beach and staring at the ocean. Allow your mind to wander and see what random thoughts you have.  Consider keeping a journal or diary and jotting down those random thoughts – start building both sides of the brain.

Take part in artistic activities.  Go to concerts or visit art galleries.  Those activities will help you learn how to use both sides of the brain.

People naturally use the left and right hemispheres on a regular basis.  When they are young, they may find that they enjoy some activities more than others.

They may have their artistic abilities criticized, which can cause them to lean more to the left.  They could fail a math class, which could cause them to lean to the right.

There is nothing wrong with focusing on the things that you enjoy doing most.  But, many careers require both logic and creativity.  Architecture is one example.

Engage Both Sides of The Brain

In short, learning how to use both sides of the brain not only gives you more options in terms of your career and your life, it strengthens your mind by engaging both sides of the brain.


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