Accelerated Learning, An Alpha State Of Mind

Accelerated Learning By Decelerating Brain Waves

Accelerated learning (AL) is a concept which is rapidly taking hold in many educational arenas.  From traditional schools to workplace training, learners both young and old are benefiting from this unique approach to disseminating information and, quite literally, feeding the brain.

Definition of Accelerated Learning

So what exactly is accelerated learning?  It is a new way of looking at the concept of learning.  Rather than taking the traditional, linear approach, accelerated learning seeks to engage the whole brain by considering the human being as a whole.  The entire mind and body are encouraged to work together to process information and put it into practice.  While this may sound innovative, it is really just common sense, born out of the realization that people learn better when they are actively engaged in the process.

Accelerated Learning
Speed reading is a form of accelerated learning

Relaxed Awareness

The brain is a complex organ and accelerated learning takes this into consideration by employing a range of techniques aimed at helping individuals to absorb and retain information better.  In order to achieve this level of learning, it is necessary to ease the brain into a state of relaxed awareness, commonly known as the alpha state.  In this state we are more receptive to new ideas and concepts and more likely to remember what we are taught.

How to Achieve Relaxed Awareness
The alpha state is achieved naturally several times a day, most noticeably just before you fall asleep or just as you begin to wake up.  At these moments, your brain is working at a higher level since it is free of everyday distractions and stress.  This is why many people regularly keep a notepad and pencil next to their bed to jot down thoughts and ideas that come to them in this highly receptive state.

The alpha state of mind can be reached by playing particular styles of music, particularly baroque, in the background or engaging in deep breathing techniques as you simultaneously take in information.  This helps to keep the body and mind in sync and improves your ability to retain what you learn and put it into practice.

Characteristics of an accelerated learning environment

There are several basic concepts involved in AL or accelerated learning,  including creating a positive learning environment, keeping the learner completely involved in the learning process rather than just throwing facts at them, and having multiple learners work together rather than the traditional approach that has them competing against one another.  Competition can breed stress and negativity, making learning much more difficult, while cooperation reinforces a positive feeling and makes for a good learning  experience.
More important, accelerated learning is about engaging all of the senses and putting what you learn into context.  The quicker you can turn around those facts and put them into practice, the more likely you are to learn them.  The brain works best when it is fully engaged rather than only having one small part of it stimulated by new ideas.


Accelerated learning has brought a whole new approach to the learning process and the results have been astonishing.  If you can allow your brain to ease into the alpha state and engage your entire cognitive process, you’ll be amazed at the amount you can learn and the amount you remember.  Accelerated learning can make a profound difference in your life!

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