12 Natural Tips to Deal With Concentration Problems

2) Prepare To Concentrate And Minimize Concentration Problems

Before you get started with a task, make a list of all the tools or things you require to get it done, make sure you have everything with you, and start your work.

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3) Follow the ‘Five More’ Rule

Whenever you feel distracted, frustrated, or bored, tell yourself that you will continue to do whatever you are doing for just five more times. If you are reading a book, read five more passages. If you are writing, write five more lines. If you are exercising, do five more repetitions. Your brain may initially protest, but will eventually yield to the discipline.

Experts say that working through frustration / distraction / boredom / concentration problems is one of the best ways to strengthen your will power, build up mental endurance, increase your attention span, and improve your ability to focus on things. So, the ‘Five More’ rule can help you deal with concentration problems.

4) Learn to Use Affirmations to Eliminate Concentration Problems

Affirmations are positive statements that can help you condition your subconscious mind. For example, if you want to improve your ability to focus on things, you can tell yourself ‘I will concentrate’ or ‘I can focus’ repeatedly. You should repeat it over and over again until the point they stop being mere words and become strong beliefs. This type of positive self talk penetrates your subconscious mind and changes the way you think and act. So, it is undoubtedly one of the best ways to solve concentration problems.

5) Create a Work-Only Spot to Improve Concentration

The human brain loves routine. One of the reasons why you are not able to do something productive when you are in bed is that your brain immediately recognizes it as a spot for relaxation and rest and makes you feel relaxed, comfortable, and sleepy. So, choose a quiet place to work and use it only for productive activities. It is one of the most effective ways to avoid concentration problems.

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